Protecting your eyes against UV radiation and high energy visible light (HEV) is not only comfortable visually, but affords protection from the damaging rays which can compromise your eye health in the future. Research has shown that excessive exposure to sunlight can hasten cataract development and contribute to macular degeneration - two very common conditions as we age.

Currently Canadian sunglass manufacturers follow voluntary industry standards when labeling their sunglasses in regard to the amount of UV radiation and visible light blocked by the lenses. Visit to obtain more information on the current standards.

So how do you know if the label is accurate? Bring your sunglasses in and we will assess their UV transmission for free. We have a state of the art UV and visible light meter specifically designed for that purpose.

We offer several types of sunglass protection:

Prescription and Non-prescription Sunglasses
Large selection available in stylish frames.

These lenses change from transparent to sunglass when exposed to UV radiation. They are typically mounted in a regular frame for glasses. Transitions® typically do not darken behind the windshield of a car, as they are UV activated, and windshields block 90% of the UV radiation in sunlight.  Visit to learn more.

DriveWear ®
These sunglass lenses change the intensity of darkness based on the amount of visible light. These are especially designed for those who do a lot of driving and need protection from dawn to dusk. Visit to learn more.

Magnetic Clip-on Sunglasses
We carry a large selection of frames that come with magnetic clip-ons. We can also custom order lenses with magnets imbedded in them so that any frame can have a custom magnetic clip-on sunglass.

Clip-on Sunglasses
Offered in a variety of styles and sizes.

These sunglasses are designed to fit-over your regular prescription glasses. We carry them in a variety of styles and sizes to suit your needs.

Polarized Lenses
All of the above listed types of sunglasses have the option of being polarized. Polarization can dramatically cut the glare coming off of water, snow and the road on a hot sunny day.

Ask us to demonstrate any of the above, we would be pleased to do so.


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